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La yegua vieja y arrastra....

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La yegua vieja y arrastra.... Empty La yegua vieja y arrastra....

Mensaje por Sor Alberta Vie Jul 03, 2009 8:43 pm

Pedro Medina Rodriguez (born in Havana, Cuba on July 25, 1936), alias Bastón, is a Cuban-American politician. Medina was the son of army drill sergeant Rodriguez Ochoa, who was one of Batista's companions in the Sergeant's Revolution coup of September 6, 1933 and Batista's faithful servant until his last day in power.

He was born to the middle class but always envied the rich and powerful despite enjoying the advantages of being a son of one of the henchmen of the Batista dictatorship. He was the cousin of General Ochoa, who was shot by Castro for wanting to introduce Perez Troika agree with the Soviets on the island. He was the brother-in-law of another of the leaders of the coup of September 4. He was the brother of Herman Echevarria Medina, who he used when he came to the United States to reach out to local politicians in his excessive anxiety to become a millionaire but after insult when he saw that he had been discovered his role infiltrated the regime of Cuba.

Study at the Military Academy of Caribbean of the Viper Havana and his father being an official of the Air Force of Cuba, to the place of graduate mechanical flight service to these forces of the Batista dictatorship. It reached the level of sergeant and flight mechanic as he ventured as their own statements repeatedly, in the Sierra Maestra for transporting troops and material to casquitos of Batista. He was one of the soldiers who signed the agreement allowing Batista governed by statutes, abolishing the Constitution of 1940.

At the triumph of the Revolution was in the service of the hosts Castro and despite being his father and his uncle arrested for having belonged to the armed forces of Batista and losing half brother in the firing squad accept being transferred to civil aviation to travel to Miami and constantly spying movements of ex batistianos. Infiltrated the camps of Brigade 2506 and a few days before the invasion of Giron and faded back to Cuba with data and information from exile. Apparently according account and Rafael Perez express political planted for over twenty years, Rodriguez, in his unbridled ambition to riches, I accept money from the counter or the CIA as a double agent and a few days after the arrest and failure of the invaders was arrested by Cuban state security, certainly by statements of some of the prisoners of the brigade.
His trial was secret and under, their cause was a traffic in arms but those who stopped in Cuba for that offence counter at that time not free from the death penalty and most having been a member of the armed forces of the Batista dictatorship .

In the prison always abided orders guards and planted as I was never sure dolphin Martin, one of the last political prisoners freed at the time of 1980. Rodriguez bought in the prison nickname of the "stick" because that to avoid being beaten in the requisition by the guards claimed jailers have trouble in a knee and having to walk with a cane.

Being in prison was appropriate, that privilege does not know how obtained, with the daughter of another political prisoner, Guajiro involved in the mutiny of Escambray and known as Cheo.

In 1979 he was released and migrated to the United States leaving his wife behind. In 1980 embarkation to the Mariel to pick up his wife and children of this, not him. Well, according to his comments could never have children because they infecundo.

Since he came to Miami was settled in the city of Hialeah for his cousin Herman Echevarria Median was one of the leading politicians of the moment and unconditional friend of Raul Martinez, Cuban and then mayor of that city life. He lived during a time of the dirty business that provided him so as not to give the cousin's face, but presenting a problem of building codes with an important school of the city, Miami Technical College and with orders to close, I take this opportunity and ask him the owner of the same, Roberto Piacenti, Argentine and dental technician, married with Gladis Piacenti, dentist and co owner of the Institute, that if the appointed director of the campus was responsible for solving the problem with the city. So was and acted as director without titles or accreditations for about three years, until he was discovered by the school administration to fund their robberies of students who paid cash. So everything Mr. Piacenti not sought by problems with its reputation as a terrorist (photos in newspapers dressed in camouflage with weapons in hand, always armed etc.). He kept the salary for more than ten months to find out who was saying by Piacenti was that all sides that the Montoneros and would complain to the FBI because money sent to Argentina for that political movement terrorist. Did Rodriguez bend Piacenti confidence that I had with professors and students to Cubans accusing cries of having a portrait of Che in his house and being a communist. After his dismissal made every effort to ensure that labour fired his brother-in-law Felo and his stepfather who had placed the drawing on blackmail that had Piacenti, but they were good workers retained their jobs, something that today you still Rodriguez draws on face-to Felo.

During his employment in ERM convinced Mr. Piacenti you donate two thousand dollars and deliver them to the Cuban American Foundation and power part of the directive. Convinced that this would bring benefits to school policies and make it look as a friend of Cubans. Mas Canosa, aware of suspicions that Rodriguez was a Median infiltrated most of the regime, but I do not what Rodriguez had misled Piacenti for several months in order not to give back the two thousand dollars.

Fundo an agency security R & R Security and through his cousin Herman Echevarria, the city councilman, won by Stephen Bobo, manager Hialeah Housing, public housing, a contract to make security service in six buildings with low incomes. Services that until this has never provided or when more instead of maintaining a guard at every building that is how you get paid, the person makes a round of building a building so they do not find that out cheating, since that time to this has usurped thousands of dollars of taxpayers and the ansíanos and disabled who pay their rents to get that service.

After his dismissal from MTC, in addition to maintaining the security agency, is dedicated to stand as a friend of Raul Martines at all times when politicians like Bal Diaz presented to seek political favors or economic, reaching to obtain photos in company of many local and federal politicians, who after photos placed in newspapers and on the Internet and make a financial gain from people who had problems and believed that because of his friendship with Rodriguez those politicians would resolve them.

Support the hunger strike so as not deported Posada Carriles and rub shoulders with politicians as MenoYo daily, posing as the biggest terrorist who was willing to topple the regime of Cuba with their weapons in their hands. Acudir constantly training camps of movements such as Alpha 66 and Omega 7 in the Everglades, for preaparición of the new invasion of Cuba. Many who knew her career as Llaneras or Martin Perez gave him aside, the thing that remained in their rancour to defame then on these honest man.

In 1989, divorce from his wife and married a premium of him, millionaire in the hope of being able to obtain economic advantages, but soon the premium realised and what their intentions casualties launched into the street, Rodriguez treatment move with their political influences known to reclaim property lost everything but marriage because all assets had been acquired by the premium before marriage. Returning to the house where his old lady lived at the expense of his brother-in-law and Felo product of work in a factory with his wife who has not remarried again.

In 1996, aware of the federal grants that would give Clinton the organizations of exile for alleged democratization of Cuba, Rodriguez moved heaven and earth to get one, using the hope of freedom of a friend, a man known for his struggles in California against the Castro dictatorship, and who only say his name Rafael. What used to write hundreds of letters asking that he grant a grant, confident that the sister-in-law of Martines, Lula Rodriguez, had been appointed administrator of these grants, for his knowledge of the characters from exile.

He discovered that his organization was ghost and was ignored. Since then turned against all politicians and friends and decided to open a travel agency to Cuba, convinced that another premium that had some money to get into the business and the availability of funds from her husband, Captain retired fire service and good economic position. In reality this travel agency is owned by the family of marriage Rodriguez.

In 2000 obtained a permit for political influence of United States Department of the Treasury, to sell food and medicine to Cuba. I travel with money cousins countless times to Cuba and the Office of Cuba Interests Section in Washington carrying lists of prices of food and medicine but I could not sell them to "managers" Cubans or a can of condensed milk. Despite the e mails sent by inviting Cuban diplomats in Washington to receptions, and flattery to the murderers of the dome of the government of Cuba, always gave him the silent in response, probably based in disgust that produces a tan be as lamebotas el, by the inordinate ambition enrichment based on the suffering of the Cuban people. Imagine as laugh at him, all these powerful industry's import from the government of Cuba. (Alimport)

Fundo with Yndamiro Restano, who won the gold pen hands of Miterand, The Alliance Martianos. Yndamiro socialist trend was not allowed to return to Cuba after coming to pick up an award in Washington for his journalistic work.
After a while, and when Rodriguez realized that this did not give it anything, and betraying the very Yndamiro Alianza Martiana handed to Polish Lesnick, traitor of birth and sell homeland which has since kept very good "relations" with Rodriguez, and uses it as a rag to clean the floor imposing its will and this as a good servant, expects alms cree that one day will give it their all-powerful master.

In 2002 on a trip to Cuba established contacts with agents of the intelligence against Cuba who indicated that they will give cards to their alleged news agency Fight News, so that they could travel to Cuba to pay their reports on state security and his counterpart at Miami is such a Fernado agent declared the law enforcement authorities of the regime of Cuba, with whom he had a verbal confrontation and who left Rodriguez stopped quite badly and has since tried to avoid contact with me and when more challenge to Polish Max Lesnick to give me an hour to his radio program in Miami.

Since the year two thousand at present has been devoted to insult anyone who has different political ideas calling them employees of the Mafia and publish reproductions of copies of the communist daily Gramma. His fury defending transgressors of the law as spies of the network wasp has led him to insult and cataloguing of sewer rats as anyone who condemns the acts of espionage low of these Castro. It has dared to publicly insult to a lady expresses policy well known in Miami as a lesbian but with more vulgar words. In several forums dealing with the Cuban problem has come to threaten his political opponents that are prepared when they go to Cuba because they already have them on the blacklist. Many more horrors that would be endless detail in this biography, has committed this. Rodriguez to the point of openly violating the law of the United States with threats against the lives and safety of his political opponents.

Arturo Ron Messer

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Sor Alberta
Sor Alberta

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La yegua vieja y arrastra.... Empty Re: La yegua vieja y arrastra....

Mensaje por Ron Vie Jul 10, 2009 6:57 am

Sor Alberta:

Quien tradujo este escrito?. Tiene muchisimos errores. Cuando tenga un tiempo voy a intentar una taduccion mas exacta. De todas formas gracias por recordar las traiciones del vende patria mercader uno de los cubanos mas arrastrados y lamebotas de toda la historia.


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